PWHP Vanguard Guild Charter

Are you looking for a friendly, laid back group of friends to skip merrily through the world of Telon with? To smile your way into new quested gear with the help of your buddies?
If so, you're in the wrong damn place. Try Flowers of Happiness*. They sound like they're more your speed.

ARTICLE I. Code of Conduct

A. General Behavior - Guild members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a civilized individual. Remember, any act that you perform will be a direct reflection on the reputation of the guild as a whole. Our name draws attention and we are responsible for having a positive image, despite our overall distaste for humanity in general.

B. Mob/Resource Stealing - Mob/Resource Stealing is when another group has done all of the work to reach a named/quest objective mob or crafting resource and another group jumps in and tags/harvests said item without permission. We do not steal. There are no exceptions.

C. Language
1. Guild Chat - Please. Did you really expect there to be a language rule?
2. Other - Swearing is not tolerated in public forums where other game players may be offended by our language.

ARTICLE II. Membership and Voting

A. Deguilding
1. Members may be deguilded by the officer council (only by unanimous decision) for demonstrating stupidity, unreliability and/or selfishness or showing a continued lack of respect for guild members and other players in the game.
2. Any deguilding by a member will be considered as a request to sever your relationship with PWHP. Reguilding of these members will be taken on a case by case basis by the officer council.
3. Members will be immediately deguilded with no council review for the following offenses: Looting a nodrop/uber loot without permission, having an unreported alt tagged in a competetive guild.

B. Joining
1. Membership in PWHP is by invite only. Guild invites to apply for a membership vote must be approved by the officer council.
2. New members will be observed by their conduct in the guild.
3. New members must recieve a two thirds majority (2/3 of active members) acceptance on their application vote. A "no" vote will be considered a veto and can be cast by any member of the guild.
4. Once voting is closed with a successful result, inductions will be performed as follows: we click "Promote Member".
5. If you can see the "Voting" section of the message boards then there is an active vote up. Please vote as soon as possible.

ARTICLE III. Loot Distribution

A. Raid Loot
1. Raid loot will be distributed by the officer council on a case by case basis. In general, this means that the main character that can most benefit from the item will recieve it.
2. When an item drops, all members who can use it should link their existing pieces into guild/raid channel so officers can make an educated decision on where the item will best benefit the entire guild. Very often, the parties involved will hear the officers' reasoning for chosing particular people for a specific drop.
3. If all parties involved cannot agree on a specific loot drop (or if the /random method is agreed on) then a random roll will be performed.
4, Any droppable loot that is not an upgrade for any main characters in attendance on the raid will be placed in the guild bank (see Article IV.) for use in that respect.

B. Group Loot - Loot recieved through the course of a single group event, even if comprised entirely of PWHP members, is the property of that group alone and will be distributed how they deem fit.

ARTICLE IV. Guild Bank**

A. Items
1. Droppable items not usable by a main character on a raid will be placed in the guild bank.
2. All items in the guild bank or on the guild vendor are purchasable by members for alts for 35% of resonable market value.
3. To purchase a guild bank item you must have the funds available at the time of request. Transactions will be done in a trade window, not through /trader mode.
4. Purchases will be made on a first come-first serve basis.

B. Money
1. Guild bank money can be granted to members who request it. Only mains are eligible for this type of award.
2. The guild bank will help eligible members to purchase equipment that may be beyond their price range by supplying up to 2/3 (66%) of the cost of the item at resonable market value.
3. Members are not eligible to recieve guild funds until three (3) months after joining the guild.
4. After money from guild funds is granted, members must wait three (3) months before their next submission for guild funds.
5. To request a money reward from the bank you must already have 1/3 of the price of the item or more in your personal funds. Post a request in the guild bank section of the PWHP boards for officer council review. Include in your post: Item name, drop location (zone, mob name) and current reasonable market value.
6. A grant of funds will be approved by a simple majority of voting officers and may be distributed by any officer after an approval vote is reached.

ARTICLE V. Guild Raids

A. Scheduled Raids
1. Guild raids are not mandatory events. Anyone wishing to pass on a guild raid is completely entitled to do so if they do not wish to participate.
2. If there are not enough people signed on to comprise a capable raid force at the scheduled time, the raid will be cancelled after fifteen (15) minutes. This does not include if everyone is there and buffout takes longer than expected.
3. Raids that have a suitable force at the scheduled time will leave no later than five (5) minutes after the scheduled time.
4. No raid will leave earlier than the arranged time unless a rival guild is actively threatening a camp-jump and sufficent raid force is present to make a viable attempt at the mob. Remember, all of this stuff repops again eventually.

B. Impromptu Raids
1. Guild raids are not mandatory events. Anyone wishing to pass on a guild raid is completely entitled to do so if they do not wish to participate.
2. Any member can arrange and execute an impromptu guild raid, no officer presence is needed. If no officers are on to determine loot awards then it is up to the members leading the raid to award loot for the betterment of the guild as a whole.

C. Guests
1. Guests may be invited to guild raids with officer council approval.
2. Guests are not eligible for any loot awards except rotting nodrop loot unless approved by the officer council.
3. Any guest ninja looting at a PWHP guild raid will be permanently banned from all guild events.

ARTICLE VI. Alliances

A. Alliances - Alliances are a continuously evolving entity which are beyond the scope of this document. All alliance details will be outlined in the alliance section of the PWHP message boards.

* - Most sincere thanks to FoH for being the best PvP guild ever to keep the bad guys humble. From all of us 14 year old fat girls.
** - These items may not yet be relevant. If you have any questions please ask a PWHP Officer in game or post on the message boards.